Polygon halts development on Edge, pivots to Polygon CDK

Polygon Labs announced on Dec. 15 that it had ended its contributions to Polygon Edge, a platform leveraged by several blockchain projects.

The company said that it would shift its focus to Polygon CDK, a successor solution that aims to produce a unified layer-2 ecosystem with interoperability and a single pool of liquidity. It stressed Polygon CDK’s growing popularity, stating that it is “quickly becoming the go-to app-chain solution” for many projects.

The company noted that Polygon Edge is an open-source project that the community can develop. However, it did not make it clear whether the project has sufficient community backing to survive apart from its own contributions.

Polygon suggested that many projects that used Edge will likely migrate to Polygon CDK. It listed 15 projects committed to building on its CDK, including but not limited to the crypto exchange OKX, the gaming-focused chain Immutable, the crypto payment and card platform Wirex, and the e-commerce platform Flipkart.

Dogechain has not announced migration plans

One project that has not confirmed migration plans is Dogechain (DC), which aims to serve as a layer-2 network for Dogecoin (DOGE).

Dogechain’s whitepaper described plans to use Polygon Edge, and a recent Aug. 31 blog post confirms that the mainnet is currently built on Edge. Dogechain’s GitHub page also indicates that the project is forked from Polygon Edge.

Though Dogechain has a small market cap of $29 million, it is among the most recognizable projects to use Polygon Edge. Dogechain has attracted attention on social media due to the popularity of the “doge” meme. It has also earned criticism from Dogecoin developers, who have stressed that Dogechain has no official ties to the core project and called DC a “knockoff token.”

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