Cadillac Optiq preview, $22,000 VW EV, hydrogen hybrid engines: Today’s Car News

 VW gets on board with affordable EVs. Toyota, Subaru, and Mazda commit to a new generation of engines. And Cadillac’s most affordable EV makes its debut. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The 2025 Cadillac Optiq EV arrives later this year, and Green Car Reports recently got up close with it. All-wheel drive, a vast fixed-glass roof, lots of screen space, and an interior that looks all the part of a luxury vehicle will distinguish this 300-mile EV that turns to lighting to sharpen its look. 

Toyota, Subaru, and Mazda are allying to build downsized engines for hybrid models—engines that would potentially burn hydrogen or e-fuels in addition to gasoline. Subaru suggested the next-generation tech could be headed to its next Crosstrek Hybrid. 

And Volkswagen has confirmed that it’s working on a $22,000 VW EV created in Europe and intended primarily for the European market—at a price of only about $22,000. Would such a vehicle also make waves in the U.S.?


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