Japanese giant SquareEnix to launch NFT auction for new Web3 game built on Ethereum, Polygon

Square Enix, the renowned publisher behind the “Final Fantasy” series, is set to initiate an NFT auction for its latest project, “Symbiogenesis,” in the coming week, according to a social media announcement.

Symbiogenesis is built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks. It marks the company’s first foray into the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

NFT Auction

The auction will unfold in three phases starting from Nov. 27.  Each phase will offer participants a unique opportunity to acquire digital collectibles integral to the game’s experience.

Each auction phase will cater to different groups based on their involvement in the Allow List Entry Campaign held in November. The first phase is an exclusive sale of 10 NFTs to associates, with each wallet limited to one NFT.

In the second phase, 90 NFTs will be available for top-ranking participants from the Allow List Entry Campaign, also with a one NFT per wallet limit. The final phase opens up the sale of 400 NFTs to all campaign participants, with no purchase limit and a broader range of NFT categories.

These phases are scheduled: Phase 1 from Nov. 27 to Nov. 28, Phase 2 from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1, and Phase 3 from Dec. 2 to Dec. 3.

Eligibility and ranking in these phases are determined by the participants’ engagement in social media, Discord activities, and possession of SYMBIOGENESIS relics (NFTs), emphasizing active community involvement.

Additionally, higher-ranking participants in the campaign have the chance to receive free character NFTs during the second phase. This structure highlights Square Enix’s focus on integrating community participation with the NFT auction process.


Symbiogenesis is touted as a digital collectible art project, blending traditional gaming elements with the burgeoning field of NFTs. Notably, the game’s ending is not predetermined, offering three players the chance to shape the final outcome based on their in-game achievements.

Players can engage with Symbiogenesis and follow the main storyline without purchasing NFTs. However, owning an NFT character unlocks additional content and the chance to influence the game’s ending.

Unlike traditional NFT launches, Square Enix will release these digital assets in limited quantities alongside each new story chapter, gradually unveiling the game world.

The NFTs in Symbiogenesis serve multiple purposes: from being key to unlocking narrative elements to being tradeable assets on the blockchain. Square Enix also emphasizes the role of its Discord server in the game’s community, offering exclusive roles and rewards for active participation.

The gameplay is divided into six chapters, each with its missions and quests. Players will navigate through a variety of game modes, including daily rewards, missions, and quests, all accessible through an intuitive menu system.

NFTs play a crucial role in this ecosystem, offering hints and achievements and being convertible from in-game items.

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