Today Only: Lock in $130 in Savings on the Level Lock Plus Connect at Best Buy

We hear two things all the time about smart locks: They’re expensive, and they look too bulky on your front door. But Best Buy’s deal of the day on the Level Lock Plus addresses both complaints. The premium lock with a low-key look normally sells for $429, but you can secure your door for just $299 with this discount, which ends today at 9:59 p.m. PT. If you’re a Best Buy Plus member, you’ll save an additional $30, which will make this lock just $269.

Level’s locks aim for quality more than affordability, with an ANSI rating of 156.40 and temperature resistance to provide maximum durability. It’s rated to last for 136 years with average use. The brand also offers a variety of finishes and additional lever designs to find your door’s best look. But those high-end features can be costly, so we’re glad to see this Level Lock drop to less than $300. If that’s still too much for you, check out the budget picks on our list of the best smart locks for 2024.

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The most attractive thing about the Level’s Lock Plus? It doesn’t look like a smart lock. There’s no awkward-shaped retrofit or backside bulk holding a Wi-Fi connection. Instead, it looks exactly like a normal mortal deadbolt with a compact, even minimalist design that no one would guess hides smart tech along with a well-concealed, replaceable CR2 battery.

The pieces of the Level Lock+ package, including the lock, scannable cards and spare keys.

The Lock Plus has options for app, pass, card and key entry.


Level gets away with this because the lock skips a Wi-Fi connection and uses Bluetooth to manage its locking and unlocking capabilities. You can still manage locking via the app and swipe your phone close to unlock at will. Plus, you can create passes for others or even buy physical NFC passes for people to use, so you still have plenty of options. Apple users also get the ability to create and manage Apple Home Keys, another kind of digital pass that’s particularly easy to use with an Apple Watch or iPhone.

You can add a Level Connect device to your entryway to connect to Wi-Fi. That brings in Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility along with other tricks, but the Lock Plus Connect package will run you $349. Instead, we like this lock as an alternative for people who don’t need voice assistants or Wi-Fi connections for alerts and prefer simpler digital key methods.

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