World Milk Day 2024: Craving milk sweets? Here’s how you can make milk cake at home

World Milk Day 2024: Every year, World Milk Day is observed on June 1 to raise awareness about the significance of milk and dairy in nourishing human health. Since the Neolithic age, milk has been a staple food for human beings. During that time, people had domesticated animals and knew how to extract nutrients from their milk. Milk also started gaining religious significance as it was believed to be the food item that the Creator sent to earth. However, with time, consumption of milk took a hit – this happened due to availability of milk substitutes, distribution of industrialised milk and change in consumer behaviour. However, milk sweets can fix any mood. They are a burst of flavours and can be the perfect dessert after a heavy meal. As we celebrate World Milk Day today, here is an easy recipe for making milk cake at home.

As we celebrate World Milk Day today, here is an easy recipe for making milk cake at home. (Unsplash)

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Heta the milk and bring to a boil and keep stirring till it reduces to hald. Then add vinegar and stir till there is formation of grains in the milk. Then add sugar and ghee to the milk. Keep cooking till the milk dries up and starts to come together. The sugar will start to caramelise at this point and the colour of the milk starts turning reddish. The more we stir and cook, the mixture starts to become more bownish and nutty. Once the mixture gets tighter and the ghee starts to ooze out. Then pour the mixture on a grease pan and spread it out evenly. We should maintain the height of the mixture while pouring it. Then cut into squares or bars and serve.

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